Types Of Seo [Simply Explained]

Types of seo

SEO is complicated; while optimizing the website, you need to perform different types of SEO to achieve the desired results. 

And to beat the competition and to stand on top of the search results, it’s not that easy.

Hence there are different  types of seo in digital marketing that come in handy in starting an SEO campaign.

So stick with me here. 

I’ll walk you through all different types of SEO marketing strategies step by step.

But before I share it with you, let’s start with basics of what SEO is.

Primarily SEO is the process to increase the ranking & website traffic organically.

And to rank, the website on top of the organic search results in Google, it evaluates sites based on hundreds of ranking factors.

Therefore to optimize the website for better SEO, we need to follow different types of SEO techniques to get the desired results.

So let’s get to it.

There are four types of SEO in Digital Marketing.

#1. White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

White hat seo is the strategies and methods that we use to optimize the website to improve the website ranking by following search engines webmaster guidelines.

White hat seo techniques take users into account first rather than search engines. White hat seo is a long term investment; it will take time to get the desired results in white hat seo.

Because you’re doing search engine optimization according to search engine policies and white hat seo is the ethical way to create a long term successful website and business.

White Hat SEO Techniques

Natural Keyword & Meta Optimization

Ensure to optimize the keywords properly in the content. Don’t try to stuff the keywords, optimize the keywords in Headings, Alt Tags, Page Titles, Anchor Text, and all the web content naturally.

Content Marketing

It’s not about continuously publishing content but publishing high-quality content, which helps drive more website traffic and earn natural backlinks.

Write a high-quality, well-researched post, publish it on your website, post it on third party sites (guest posting) social media channels, and press release sites to get more quality website traffic to your website.

Optimize your site for Best User Experience (UX)

Ensure your site provides good user experience when they first land on it. Good user experience means how they feel (usability and accessibility), and easy to use and navigate on your website.

Follow Search Engines Guidelines

White hat seo means doing the seo by following search engine guidelines. Pay close attention to quality guidelines; it makes it easier for search engines to crawl, index, and understand your content.

#2. Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat seo strategies are still unclear grey hats seo tactics are from the white hat and black hat or the middle or mixture of the two.

Thus if you are not confident using them, leave it. But if you use them wisely, they can help improve your website ranking without hurting your site. 

But if you get caught, you can lose both ranking and website traffic. Google’s algorithm is already smart enough and packed with AI-based algorithms, so escaping from it isn’t easy.

Grey hat seo is less well known; the reason is both the white hat and the back hat listed in the search engine guidelines as to what to do or what not to do.

Grey hats are least known, but as soon as search engines started to become aware of these grey hat strategies, they became black hat seo techniques.

Therefore use these grey hat strategies only when you’re 100% sure what you’re doing. Link purchasing and buying old domains are the popular methods of grey hat seo.

Grey Hat SEO Techniques 

Using OLD Domain

Buy an old domain related to your niche and add some pages there to get backlinks to your primary domain.

Spinning Content

Already published the content and spun the content to get backlinks.

Low Authority Links

Social bookmarking and profile links exchange.

Unnatural Keyword usage in Webpage

Stuffing the keywords on the webpage to try to exploit site ranking in organic search results.

Paying for Reviews

Paying people to get reviews on your business profiles.

#3. Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Black hat seo is the practice of using unethical strategies to get rank high in search engine results pages. The Black Hat SEO methods are against search engine guidelines.

These black hat SEO strategies used to get a higher ranking, but those websites don’t solve the searcher intent, and your website could receive a penalty from search engines.

 Black hat seo methods contain keywords stuffing, getting links from PBN (Private Blog Networks) sites, and cloaking.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Keywords Stuffing/Hiding

This is one of the most common practices in black hat seo. Stuffed the keywords on the webpage to or hiding the keywords in white text on a white background.


Showing the different content to human and search engines.

Links Buying

Getting the links from other sites by paying them.

Doorways Pages

Doorway Pages are the Similar pages that take the user to the same destination.

Private Blog Network

PBN is buying lots of high authority sites to build backlinks to your main areas.

Blog Comment Spam

Getting lots of links through blog commenting to your website.

Sneaky Redirects

Redirecting the highly authoritative page to a less dedicated page to boost its page ranking in organic search engine results.

#4. Negative SEO

Negative SEO

Negative seo is the practice used to damage competitors’ ranking in search results. Negative seo is a mix of a black hat and unethical techniques in seo to lower a competitor’s ranking. The negative seo mostly does through off-page seo.

Negative SEO Techniques 

Link Farms

Building links from interlinked sites with the same or exact anchor text to destroy competitors’ ranking.

Content Scraping

Scraping the content from your site and submit it across other websites.

Hacking Sites

Sometimes, competitors use this technique to hack your site to hurt your seo. Once your site gets hacked, Google removes or deindex it entirely from search engines.

There are various types of SEO practices, and I am breaking down this SEO techniques into multiple subgroups.

Let’s start – 

Types of Seo Techniques

On-Page SEO – 

On Page SEO

On-page seo optimization is a technique used to optimize the web pages to get higher ranking and quality relevant website traffic from search engines.

Primarily in on-page seo, we focus on Content, Meta tags, the structure of the website, Images, and website design.

Below I’ll elaborate on the top on-page SEO factors –

Meta Tags

Optimize the meta tags as per your webpage keywords. Make sure to include your primary keywords in the title and description tags. 

While optimizing the title tags, uses the action words and avoids stop words. In the description tag, use a call to action to attract the user to take action.


Keywords research is essential to write any content. Find high search volume easy to target keywords with the relevant user intent. Ensure that your main keywords should be used in Title, Headings, and the first paragraph of the content.

Mobile Responsive

60% of online searches come from mobile devices. If your website is unable to provide an optimal user experience on the mobile device, it will go to your competitor’s site.

After Google Mobile-first indexing, google uses the mobile version of the website for indexing and ranking the website. Hence ensure that your website on any device should provide the best optimal experience for your users.

Website Speed

Speed is the key to any successful website. If your website is not loading in under 3 seconds, visitors will bounce off from your site. Speed is also a ranking factor, so make sure your website loads faster on all devices.

While optimizing website speed, make sure to minimize landing page redirects, improve server response time, or use a high-quality content delivery network to speed up your website.

URL Structure

Optimizing the URL for users, and Google is essential. Thus optimizing the URL structure of your website ensures that the URL should be short and keyword-rich. Use Hyphen – instead of the _ underscore and always avoid the use of session IDs in URLs instead of use cookies.

Off-Page SEO 

Off Page SEO

Link Building

Backlinks play an immense role in seo. You can easily rank for low, competitive keywords with on-page seo. But to rank for high competitive keywords, you just need to build high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites.

For off-page optimization, ensure to drive quality backlinks from authority sites. Build various types of links, use guest posting, outreach marketing, and quality content marketing to build quality links.

Quality Content

Write original content that helps your brand stand out from the competitions. Before writing content, make sure to research enough about your buyer persona.

Try to find your persona’s significant problems and solve your persona major pain points through your content.

Outreach Links

Once you finish writing a good piece of content. Now use outreach methods to build quality links to your site. If you write great and well-researched content, it helps you earn natural links to your site.

As much as unique original content you write, the more people will link back to you. More natural links you will earn, and while outreaching, your success rate will be high as well.

Technical SEO –

Technical SEO


Search engines show your webpages to the user when it gets index in the search engine database. Therefore indexing your website is much more important in SEO. 

Thus, while doing technical seo for your site first, make sure search engines should index all the essential pages. Analyze your site robots.txt files, Robots meta tags to prevent indexing issues. 

As you publish any new page, make sure to use google search console to fetch the URLs to index the pages faster in google.

Meta Robots Tag

Robots.txt file and meta robots work differently. You can use Meta robots on a particular page to index noindex or follow or nofollow the page links. Robots.txt files use to protect private indexing pages from search engines. 

Or you can even block a particular page or folder in robots .txt file from indexing. Therefore, while analyzing your site’s technical seo, ensure your meta robots prevent any relevant pages from crawling from search engine bots. 


Sitemap is a crucial part of the site. While analyzing the technical seo of your website, make sure to review your sitemap file.

All the essential pages of your site should be in your sitemap file. Remove all the unnecessary pages from the sitemap and keep the important ones. A sitemap can help your site with crucial pages indexed quickly by search engines.


There are two types of essential redirection methods in seo to redirect any URL. 

302 and 301 redirection, where 301 is permanent redirect and search engines pass up to 99% links juice to the redirected URL whereas 302 passes with less link juice or authority to the redirected URL.

Internal Linking

If you want to get your pages indexed, faster internal linking is a must. Google crawls pages by following links. Thus always links your less valuable pages with more valuable or authority pages.

Through Internal linking, link juice flows from one page to another page quickly. 

Therefore always add the right internal links between your internal pages to increase the relevance and relation between the two pages.

Local SEO – 

Local SEO

You are promoting your products and services to reach local customers when they’re looking for them online. Local SEO is key to targeting your customers locally or in regional areas.

If you have a local business (Plumber, Painters, Shop) or provide local services (Lawyer, Locksmith), you must focus on increasing your business presence locally.

Optimize your website for local audiences but also register your business in local business directories to reach more targeted people locally.

To get the most from the local seo, make sure to optimize your GMB profile with NAP correctly. 

With this in mind, the chances are high that your GMB profile will appear on the local pack. Correct NAP helps attract the most clicks and conversions for your business.

Local SEO Techniques –

Localize your website

Creating webpages for your targeted location as per geographic areas by using location-specific keywords in your location webpages.

For each targeting location, create a separate location page. Add the location map to the website and provide Phone no. Email address hence your customers can reach you quickly.

Citation Building

Include your website name/ NAP (Name Address ‘ Phone No.) in the local business directories. Thus they can find your business quickly. Adding your business to these directories helps improve your organic search ranking.

Handling Reviews and Ratings

In local seo reviews about your business, it shows other users how reliable and honest your services are. 

Loads of reviews, overall review ratings, and the review sites’ authority and quality help your website in local search rankings.

Ecommerce SEO –

Ecommerce SEO

 eCommerce SEO is essential to increase more website traffic and sales to your eCommerce site. eCommerce SEO is optimizing your online store to rank your products higher in organic search results to get more website traffic.

When users search for products on Google, it shows various types of search results. And if your website doesn’t appear in search results, you will lose potential customers. And that’s where eCommerce SEO comes in.

The eCommerce seo helps you get more website traffic and conversion without paying for paid ads. 

And once visitors land on your site, delight them with offers & high-quality products, and call to action as delighted customers are more likely to become loyal customers for your company or brand.

Ecommerce SEO Techniques –

Optimize Only Priority Pages First

If you have an eCommerce site with loads of products, then it is good to start optimizing with essential pages first.

Product Page Optimization

Optimize your product pages Metas, content, product images, copy, and strong call to action, which urges the user to buy the products.

Technical SEO Optimization

Technical SEO is crucial and should be the first step before optimizing or reviewing the website for SEO. Follow this SEO Checklist and start optimizing the site for the technical seo.

All the technical seo errors fixing robots.txt file, 301 redirections, and website design, and structure of every technical seo fault should be issues at the first stage.

International SEO – 

International SEO

International SEO is a process used to optimize the website to rank higher in search engines’ organic search results (Google, Bing) to target specific countries’ visitors. Not everyone does do international seo, but it depends on the product and services. 

Targeting globally through international SEO means getting more exposure worldwide to attract more visitors to your website from global countries.

International SEO Techniques –

Create a Strategic Plan First

To target visitors globally, create a strategic plan of action at first. A seo strategy on how you will target the people of other nations with different speaking languages.

A plan of action must be prepared; therefore, you can later work through the plan and track your international SEO efficiency.

Find International Keywords

Find the high volume and your product/services intent related keywords.

Optimize your Website On-Page SEO

If you are writing content in different languages but don’t forget to follow the on-page optimization SEO techniques. Make sure to optimize the content and webpage for international visitors.

YouTube SEO – 

Youtube SEO

Youtube seo strategies use to rank youtube videos highly on youtube. If you can rank high on YouTube, you will get more views, subscribers, and website traffic from YouTube.

YouTube SEO Techniques –

Do YouTube Keywords Research

Find a list of potential keywords and make a list. And use those keywords in your youtube video title. Description. Tags.

Create Engaging Video

Create a video that is interesting to watch and keeps people engaged as an audience interaction is one of the YouTube ranking signals which YouTube takes into account by ranking the YouTube videos.

Promote Your Videos

Promotion is the key, so make sure to promote your YouTube video to get the views. Embed your videos in blog posts and share them on social media channels to get opinions and links.

I have covered different types of seo techniques or marketing strategies in this blog post. 

Let me know in the comments which types of seo in digital marketing you have tested and want to experiment with.


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