Title Tag SEO: 6 Ways To Help You Get More Visitors On Your Website


Do you want to learn how to write perfect title tags for seo?

You’ve heard the advice a million times that a perfect title tag helps improve your webpage ranking & CTR in SERP.

Yes, it’s true!

But look at this google CTR stats first.

#1. The #1 Result In Google Gets 31.7% of All Click.

#2. Title tags between 15 to 40 characters have the highest CTR.

#3. URLs that contain a keyword have a 45% higher click-through rate compared to URLs that don’t contain a keyword.

#4. Emotional Titles Can Increase Organic Click Through Rate.

So title tags are an important part of seo.

When you optimize it correctly It helps you achieve the ranking highly & click-through rate of the keywords in search engine result pages.

So let’s begin

What are the Title Tags?

A title tag is a title of the webpage it is used to describe the web page content for the search engine and users as well. Title tags appear in the SERP as the clickable headline.

Look at the below image –

title tag seo

In the HTML code of your web page, they should appear as:

Where does the title tag appear?

1. Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

title tag in search engine result pages

2. Social Media Post

title tags in social media

3. Web Browser Tabs

title tag in browser tab

Are Title Tags Important for SEO?

Yes, title tags optimization is one of the most essential parts of on-page optimization. And according to Moz title tags are the second most important on-page factor for SEO, after content.

That’s why proper meta title optimization is crucial for seo otherwise it can make or break your seo efforts.

How to Write Meta Title Tags for SEO?

Below I will show you best practices & guidelines to create and optimize best Title Tags for seo.

Keep Length Short – Keep your Title Tag length in between 50 to 6o character.

Long title tags get cut off automatically in search engine result pages. As title tags are now based on a 6oo pixel (px) width limit.

You will see some title tags of up to 70 character are showing in SERP but 60 character title is truncated in SERP.

Title tag length in seo

This is because it depends on the size of the character. Some character uses more pixels and some uses less.

So to optimize your title tags properly and to see how your page title tag will appear in SERP you can use this Portent’s SERP Preview Tool.

It will count your title in Pixels and also show SERP preview of your Title tag.

Portent SERP Preview Tool

Optimized For Keywords – While writing title tags make sure to add your main keywords in the title tag. But don’t try to stuff or overdo it by adding too many keywords in the title tag.

Look at this example image below –

Keyword stuffed in title tags

They have added the same keyword two times instead of this they can add the secondary keyword and could optimize the webpage for multiple keywords.

Example title could be –

24 Hour Emergency Plumber Service Minneapolis

And see in this way how many keywords they could be optimized in their title tag.

Emergency Plumber Service Minneapolis, Plumber Service Minneapolis, 24 Hour Emergency Plumber Service

And there is also a lot of debate where you should use placed your keyword at the starting or end of the title.

Look at the example image below-

add keyword in front or end of title tag

For both of the listing, they have added the keyword at the end of the title and they both are on the first page.

Even I see a lot of listing without using that exact term in the title and are ranking on the first page of SERP.

title tag without keyword

I would suggest that check the SERP and use it accordingly and test it how does it affect if you add title in the starting and end of the title tag and see the results.

Avoid Stop Words in Title Tags – Try to optimize your webpage title without using stop words.

Because search engines like google automatically ignore many usual stop words.

Here is the list of stop words.










Instead of Power Words Use Action words – Use action words in the title that can excite your readers so then they act. A title tag is the first thing that visitors see in listing and if it is eye-catchy and attention-grabbing people click on it and share it on social media.

Some common action words –











And here you will find a complete list of action words.

Action words in Title Tags

Use CTA in Title Tags – You can even add the call to action inside your title with keywords. Always try to make your CTA action or objective focused use phrases as Get Started, Book Now, Free Download, etc.

Call To Action In Title Tags

Use Brand Name in Title – If your brand is reputed and well known make sure to use the brand name in your title tag to stand out in front of your competitors.

Use Brand Name in Title Tags

Having a brand name in your title tag it convinces the people that the information, product or service would be genuine. Because people are already aware of their reputation, trustworthiness, and brand.

Should the Title Tag and h1 Tag be the Same?

If you are using word press then by default your web content title tag becomes h1 of the page.

H1 tag is important because when a search engine crawls the page they look header tags for signals and headers tags help understand the meaning and structure of the content.

Then I would recommend test and see what works for your ranking and users and based on this make changes in the webpage title tag.

How to Add Title Tag in WordPress?

You already have installed the Yoast SEO Plugin. If you enter the post title at the top of the page it will automatically be added in the yoast seo plugin title.

add title tag in wordpress

Even you can modify it and check it. Scroll down at the end of the post, click on edit snippet, now click on SEO title.

Below the green bar mean the title is in proper length when your title exceeds the character limit green bar will turn into red.

Thus you can use yoast seo plugin in word-press to optimize your title tags.

title tag in wordpress



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