How to Submit Your Website to Search Engines in 2022

Submit Website To Search Engine

Have you ever submitted a site to google and later wondered that your site is not indexed in the search engine?

Well, You’re not alone.

This happens to anyone who is a Newbie or who knows a little about Seo or search engine submission.

Whatever the reason, until your website is not indexed in the search engines no one will know about your website and you will not get even a single user to your website.

Thus it is an essential step in SEO to get your site listed in search engines first.

So how can I get my site listed with search engines?

Don’t worry.

Just keep reading and I’ll walk you through the whole process step by step.

What is Search Engine Submission?

Search engine submission is the act to submit or get listed your website with the search engines.

Getting listed means your site pages are indexed in search engines but It doesn’t mean your site will start ranking for your targeted keywords.

Search engine submission only means that the site pages have been indexed to serve for the results. 

But keep in mind that just only submitting the site for search engines there is no guarantee your website will show for the particular queries in the search results.

To rank well in search engines you need to optimize your website seo according to google webmaster guidelines. 

Do I Really Need to Submit My Website to Search Engines?

Generally, search engines like google don’t depend on manual search engine submission. 

If your website is open for indexing and there are no restrictions set for crawling the website it will automatically index your website through crawling the pages.

If your website has useful content search engines most likely crawl your website by itself.

But as search engines give them options to submit your website manually to them for crawling so why depends on the automatic findings.

Major Benefits of Submitting the Website Manually for Indexing. 

  • Improve the visibility and ranking of the pages
  • Increase the brand awareness of the website
  • Informative content of the website is spread effectively

Check if your site already Indexed in Google 

The very step is to test a website by entering your domain in the search engine and see if it showing any results or not.

Digital Pankaj Search Engine Results

If you see the pages of your website in search engines then your site has indexed but if you see them for the domain as you’re seeing in the image below.

google site results for site

Then your site is not indexed and you need to check and need to submit it. 

Reason site is not indexed in google.

  1. Your website is New
    If you have just built a new website then you no need to worry.
    Sometimes search engines take few days to few weeks to crawl and index your site completely.

2. Website is Blocked through Robots.txt 

For the new website, there is a possibility that the developer has disallowed the website for crawling, and when they launched the website they forgot to remove the disallow tag in the robots.txt file. So always check the website robots.txt file and remove the disallow tag for search engine crawling.

On your main domain add the robots.txt and hit enter.

site Noindexed in robots.txt

If you see the syntax like the above example image it means your website is blocked for search engine crawling. Now you just need to remove the / and save the robots.txt file and it will remove the restriction and your website will be ready to crawl.

3. Your website has NOINDEX Tag

Check if your website has Robots Meta Tags set to Noindex Open the Page source Hit CTRL+ U and it will open the page source code. 

Meta Robots Set To Noindex in Source Code

And now search for Noindex Tag if you see the Noindex tag then your website has set to not crawling. And search engines will not index your website. Again change the Noindex tag to Index, Follow. 

It instructs search engine bots to crawl the website. Add the image to the Noindex nofollow tag.

4. Blocking Search engine from Crawling the site

If your website is on WordPress there is an inbuilt feature that allows you to instruct the search engines not to crawl your site. 

This feature is automatically enabled on your new site. So make sure to Disable it before launching your website.

Search Engine Visibility in WordPress Admin

In the wordpress admin, select the setting, reading, and in the Search Engine Visibility uncheck the box and hit save.

5. Your site is Penalized or removed from google

Penalized – If you do unethical or black hat seo types techniques chances are your’s site will be completely banned or removed from the Google index. 

Manual Action – If you violate Google guidelines or your site pages on your site not compliant with google’s webmaster guidelines your site will get a manual action against your site in the search console.

To fix manual action you need to fix the issues on all the pages first and then need to send a request for a review on your site. 

Submitting Your Website To Search Engine

Before you start submitting your website to search engines make sure all above-mentioned tags are accurate. There shouldn’t be any roadblocks for search engine bots. Also, make sure the sitemap should be added and updated with all the important pages.

Let’s start submitting the website for the google search engine first.

How to Submit a Website for Google Indexing?

To submit the website for google indexing fastly you need to add your site property to the Google Search Console account. You can know more in detail about GSC and how to add your site to the Google Search Console.

How to Submit New Pages to Google Indexing

URL Inspection Tool in Search Console

In the search, the console selects the property. 

Click on the URL inspection tool and enter your page URL which you want to submit for google indexing and click on Request Indexing. Wait for a few minutes and you will get the message.

URL Inspection in GSC

If your page will have issues it will display the message so you need to fix the issues and then request the Search Console to index it again.

Update the Sitemap in Search Console

If you have updated many pages on your website then it is better to click on sitemap in Search Console and add your sitemap URL and click on Submit.

But first, make sure to update the sitemap file on your website after that submit the sitemap in GSC.

Sitemaps submitted in GSC

How to Submit Website for Bing & Yahoo Search Engine

Sign in to your Bing Webmaster Account.

Click on URL inspection >> Submit and click on Request Indexing.

URL Inspection in Bing Webmaster

Add if you have more than 100 URLs Click on URL Submission, now click on Submit URL.

Add your update URL here you can add up to 100 URLs and click on Submit.

Bulk URL Submission in Bing Webmaster-

If you are having difficulties in indexing your website site back relax and start analyzing your website for the issues which I mentioned earlier and then take a step forward.

Do your SEO research and double-check the common SEO issues and start optimizing your website for better indexing.

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