What is SEO?

SEO – “Search Engine Optimization”

“It’s a process to optimize your website for the search engines to attract visitors to your website.”

When it comes to SEO, most peoples think SEO is a just one-time process.

That makes changes in the Meta Tags, update the website with the fresh Content, do the internal linking & start link building.

That’s NOT SEO.

That is only starting part of the SEO.

For any successful SEO campaign, both time & money need to invest.

And here, mostly SMB (small businesses) limited by the budget afraid to invest in SEO.

Because they need instant results to generate revenue & in SEO, it will take time to get the results.

In SEO, you can’t expect the results overnight.

And this is the bitter truth of seo.

But if you want to grow your business online, want to increase more traffic, and beat your competitors, I would highly recommend investing in SEO.


1) Beginners Who Want to Learn SEO

2) Small Business Owner

3) Web Developer

In the Beginner SEO Guide, I will go through in every SEO process step by step-

So let’s start now

What is SEO?

Let’s start with a Definition-

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, SEO is the process of promoting and increasing the website’s visibility & ranking in front of Search Engine so that consumers can recognize the existence of the Company (Business) Products or Service.

At first, let’s understand the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

For example, let’s say I enter the term (query) “Xmas shopping gifts” in the Google Search

I have highlighted the results so that you can easily understand the SERP results.

In this snapshot there are two types of results are showing-

1. Paid

2. Organic

For my query “Xmas shopping gifts,” which second results you are seeing, those results are SEO Results (also called organic products), and the first one is paid results.

Organic and paid results in search engine

And what do the highlighted numbers mean?search results pages in google

These numbers mean that for this query, there are 24,700,000 results in the google index have.

And within (0.57 seconds), this is the time taken by Google’s Query Processor to find the relevant web pages from Google’s Database in response to this search term.

But why this whole mishmash is required really?

You know

That is only to provide the relevant Search Results for the user query and that only motive of Google.

So as this Guide is about SEO, so I am not going to elaborate here about PPC (Paid Results). I will cover this in my later posts.

To make it easy to understand what is SEO, I would recommend watching this video.

I hope now you’ve got some understanding of SEO.

Therefore let’s move on

Nowadays, SEO is the key to an online business if you want to grow your business organically in front of the Search engine, so it is necessary to focus on SEO.

Read this- (What is SEO by Neil Patel). I must recommend reading this once!

Okay, so I hope you understand what SEO is?

Let’s move on-

Why we need SEO?

This question in most of the people mind definitely would come-

Why we need SEO-

Ask these question to yourself if (maybe you’re the owner of the business or you’re doing SEO for client website)

First, When you build a website, what more do you want?

1) Traffic

2) Sales

3) Brand awareness

4) Conversion

I hope your answer would be Yes because of mine too. (It is jokes apart).

Nowadays, Search engines are the number 1 way for people to find any information through search engines.

And as a result search engine shows the website pages relevant to the user queries.

So what does the SEO relation with your website?

The direct relation of the SEO is with the people; everything would be for people. That’s why we create a Website, Content, and everything for the people.

So it would be best if you created your website search engine friendly and user-friendly.

You need to show the user on your website what they are looking for.

You need to build or design your website with a purpose.

Your website is a showcase or an Online Shop to your online customers.

There is no person in front of your visitors to welcome; only your website will directly communicate with your customers.

So put everything on your website that inspires your visitors to want more.

Now you have built an excellent website, but wait, this is half of the battle in the nowadays digital world.

No one knows about your website existence until you haven’t promoted it.

So here is the time when you need to put your efforts in SEO to get the most out of your online business.

At first, you need to make your website SEO/ User-friendly, but you also need to promote it strategically to achieve the top positions for your money keywords in SERP.

Why your web pages should be on the Top Of the SERP?

A CTR (click-through rate) Case Study by Advanced Webranking found that in number 1, organic Position CTR for keywords is 30% on Desktop and 24% on Mobile devices. In 2nd position on Desktop 15.9% and on Mobile Devices 16.28%.

As your web pages position goes down, the CTR would be downgraded.

CTR Case Study

So now you understand the reason why you need your website to be listed in the search engine. But as well, it must be on top of the SERP.

But the Bitter Truth is that it’s not easy to rank your pages highly in the search engines.

So to stay on top, you need to make your website to be high-quality.

But how?

Hence you should know these simple Website Optimization ingredient –

1. Content should be crisp and straightforward (Answer a question which user is looking for in your Content)

2. Your Content should be linked with other high-quality/Authoritative sites (Acquire links from relevant and authority sites)

3. Excellent user experience (UX) (Website Speed & easy navigation)