On-Page vs Off-Page Seo What is the Difference?

On page and off page seo difference

There are various types of seo, and all of you who are reading this post might be new to seo or already know a little bit of seo.

And now you want to learn more about on-page seo and off-page seo.

I know the feeling the same had happened with me when I had started my career.

Don’t worry.

I’ll explain and differentiate between on-page and off-page seo.


Let’s get started.

You know search engine optimization is not a one time process. To get ranked at the top of the SERP, you have to work continuously in seo.

As seo is not that easy process. In seo, you can’t sit idle because Google made over 500+ changes in its algorithm to provide relevant and useful search results.

Therefore as a marketer, you need to keep update yourself with the latest google algorithm changes. Still, as well, you need to make sure both onsite & offsite seo should be appropriately optimized.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page optimization techniques are that we use to improve the on-site seo to make the website seo/user-friendly. On-page seo is a must to rank the particular page high in search result pages. To maximize your traffic and ranking in front of SERP, you must need to optimize your website on each page on-site seo.  

In on-page optimization following things included: 

#1. adding the right keywords in the web content.

#.2 Optimizing the meta tags with the right keywords 

#3. Adding the alt tags to improve image optimization.

#4. Use the proper heading tags in the content to structure the content.

#5. The website design & structure of the website should be seo friendly.

#6. Website page performance optimization.

Top On-Page SEO Factors- 

1. Meta Tags Optimization –

In on-page seo, you need to make sure that all your webpages meta tags (Title tag & description tag) should be optimized with the right targeted keywords. To rank higher in search result pages, make the best use of meta tags so that visitors can click and land on your website easily.

2. Quality Content –

Content is the key to online marketing. So to rank highly in search result pages and to provide the user with the exact information which they are looking for.

You must write & optimize your website content carefully with the right targeted keywords to hook your visitors.

3. Website Speed – 

Speed matters a lot in the nowadays digital world. And according to the stats, 46% of people say waiting for pages to load is what they dislike most about browsing the web on mobile.

A 100-millisecond delay in load time can cause conversion rates to drop by 7%.

So while doing on-page seo take care of your webpage speed and ensure that on mobile and desktop your website should be load under 3 seconds.

4. Mobile Responsive Design –

According to stats, 62% of users accessed the internet using their mobile phones. Mobile devices accounted for 48.2% of website traffic worldwide (excluding tablets).

Your website design should responsive and mobile-friendly. To provide a seamless, optimal user experience that users appreciate. 

5. Secure your site with HTTPS 

Make your site secure with SSL to improve your search engine ranking and to earn the trust of your visitors.

To make your seo strong you must enable SSL on your website to not lose your visitors and revenue at present digital world.  

6. Internal Linking 

All the internal pages must be linked with each other. But make sure only interlinked pages with each other if they are relevant.

Internal linking helps your website in passing link equity and help deliver link authority in between internal pages. So make sure to optimize all your pages with linking each other. 

What is Offpage seo?

Off-page seo optimization is the process to make the website authoritative by building quality links to the website. To rank higher in search result pages you must need links from authoritative sites.

In off-page seo, you need to use techniques and tactics to acquire the authority link which can help your website rank higher in SERP. 

Things To Consider before starting Off-page SEO

  1. Your webpage content should be link-worthy
  2.  Make sure your website should be optimized for link building
  3. Analyze the relevance and quality of the website
  4. Use the Anchor text wisely, don’t over optimize it
  5. Check the DA/PA before building backlinks from other sites

Off-page seo factors – 

1. Backlinks –

Backlinks are one of the topmost ranking factors in seo. But all backlinks do not count and provide the same link equity to the website.

Thus in off page seo while making backlinks make sure that links you create those should be coming from the quality and authoritative sites. In the off-page seo, links quality over quantity makes the difference.

More links=higher ranking this is not working as of now. You must need to build quality backlinks to reach in the top of the SERP.

2. Blogging 

Write high-quality and valuable content and promote that content to the right audiences is one of the most effective off-page seo strategies.

Blogging will help your website to crawl more frequently and it will also help your website ranks higher in SERP. Therefore write quality well-researched blog posts and publish them on your own website.

3. Guest Posting 

To generate the contextual backlinks from other high-quality sites is one of the most challenging tasks in off-page seo.

But by posting well written and researched content on other high-quality sites can help you land contextual links from other quality sites. 

To get the links through guest posting make sure to pick the right topic, which should be well researched and backed up with the right points and start getting the links.

On-Page Vs Off-Page SEO

You can’t win the SEO game with the only playing with a single SEO technique. Both parts on-page and off-page seo depend on each other.

Where on-page seo help makes your website seo friendly on the other hand, off-page optimization makes you trustworthy and authoritative in front of the search engines on the basis of quality backlinks.

Thus make sure to complete the on-page seo part first and later start building quality links through off-page seo.  

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