How to Increase Domain Authority? Best Practical Ways

Domain Authority

Do you want to learn how to increase domain authority? Are you fed up with low website authority? Read the blog to know about the best ways to increase your website domain authority (DA).

Wondering how to increase DA faster than your competitors? Is increasing the website authority a big deal? Not really! It is all about building authority links on your website. 

But it’s not just about building the backlinks there are hundreds of ranking factors that influence ranking.

And domain authority is one of them.

Domain authority is the kind of factor that helps you understand the competitiveness of your domain with others. 

In earlier days the website was distinguished by its page rank. But since Google has disabled PageRank publically, domain and page authority plays important roles to get any domain ranked.

But keep in mind google stated that they don’t consider DA into account.


So if you just want to build the DA with no purpose then there is no point to work on DA. DA has no direct impact on your website ranking.

Thus if you have a low DA website and are wanting to compete with other high authority domains for competitive keywords, start working on increasing your website DA so at least you will get the idea of your comparative competitiveness.

And Domain Authority exists to help you understand your website’s ability to compete with competitive terms. So as much high your website DA will be the more chances are that you can compete with other high domain authority domains.

And today’s post I’ll walk you through the whole process of building your website domain authority (DA) step by step.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score that predicts how probable the domain is to rank on SERP.

DA score is developed by MOZ and it ranges from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the higher the chance of ranking for that domain for competitive keywords.

Moz created the domain authority to help you figure out where you may rank on the SERP against your competitions.

Moz uses multiple metrics and calculations, to determine the domain authority. And there is no individual metric increase or decrease the score to the same extent.

Thus the better your linking profile will be the better your chances of increasing the DA will be.

How can I check my Domain Authority?

There are various free seo tools you can use to check the DA of any website for free, for a single website you can check in the Moz Free Domain SEO Analysis Tool.

Moz DA Checker

And if you want to check for multiple sites you can use this Domain Authority Checker Tool to check up to 10 websites at once.


How is domain authority calculated?

  1. Number of websites linking to you
  2. The DR score of your linking domains
  3. The number of sites each referring domain links to

Domain authority is calculated based on numbers of linking root domains and the number of total links pointing to the given domain. 

As links are like votes from other websites and the more votes a website receives the higher the website DA goes.

But keep in mind that all links (votes) are not equal. Each linking root domain and the number of individual links help in increasing the strength of the domain.

What is a “Good” Domain Authority?

There is nothing good or bad in domain authority. If you have a new website your DA will start with 1. And already established websites like – Facebook, amazon with high-quality links would have higher DA. 

Simply say increasing DA shouldn’t be your end goal to analyze your competitors and based on those work on increasing your website DA higher than them.

Because take DA as a predictor of a site’s ranking ability not as a ranking factor.

Your DA can fluctuate and it depends on the growth of the links. As much high and quality of links your site will acquire the more high your website authority will be.

What is Page Authority?

Page authority (PA) is a search engine ranking score that predicts how probable the page is to rank on SERP.

PA score is developed by MOZ and it ranges from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the higher the chance of ranking for that page for competitive keywords.

Difference between DA/PA

Domain authority (DA) tells you the strength and ability to rank the overall domain and page authority (PA) tells you the strength and ability to rank the individual page.

Page authority is calculated using machine learning and takes the data from the mozscape web index which includes link counts and also uses more than 40 factors.  

Here’s how to increase Domain Authority Quickly

How to Increase Domain Authority

Increasing the domain authority DA, from 10 to 20 is easy but 70 to 80 is harder. Thus the higher the DA of a website, the harder it is to beat it in SERP.

Therefore the first step is to run a competitor’s analysis and check how much DA you need to compete with your competitors. And based on your competitions start optimizing your website and build the links accordingly.

Write compelling content, optimize your website structure, and on-page seo and start acquiring links from other high-quality sites. 

Follow the below steps to increase website DA 

1. Create content that people want to link 

The first step towards increasing the DA is creating enthralling, updated, and relevant content for more people to start linking to it. Create the content which people want to link and help attract more quality links.

As list posts are one of the good ways and they work well in attracting the links.

A study on 220,000 articles shows that list posts were the most shareable. Thus start working on the list posts and start getting the links. But make sure to write in-depth which engages your user, solely don’t do it for the sake of the links. 

Create valuable resources that provide benefits to your users and people will link them. Look at this Neil Patel post titled “38 Content Marketing Stats That Every Marketer Needs to Know” this post has generate nearly a thousand links and hundreds of comments in the post. 

Backlink Stats

And getting a good amount of social share and social engagement as well.

Social Shares Stats

2. Pitch and Get High Authority links

At first, find the high authority and quality blogs that receive thousands of visitors organically daily and should have a huge fan following on social media channels.

Make sure they should be ranking for many keywords on the first page of Google for your main keywords. You can do a google search for your main keywords and see if they are ranking on the google first page or not.

If you do guest blogging on any of these blogs, soon you will be able to rank for your main keywords and you will start generating more organic traffic and links as well for your website.

Make a list of the top blogs and start pitching your content. Also, make sure your post Headline should be attractive. The length of the content should belong, the longer the post the higher the chances of will be attracting more social shares.

As Content length affects rankings  longer form copy converts better than short copy.

3. Internal Linking to flow link Juice around the important pages

Optimize the internal links of your website to flow the link juice appropriately. Ensure that all the important pages should be linked near the right anchor and with the relevant page. 

First, find the important keywords that you want to target for your page. Next, find the pages on your site that are relevant and optimized around those keywords and link to those pages with the right keywords rich anchors.

Find a list of the high authority links and start linking to low authority pages to pass the links juices to those low authority pages.

4. Optimize Your Technical SEO

Technical seo optimization is the process of optimizing the website for better crawling and indexing without any difficulties. Start with auditing your website you can follow this seo checklist and make a list of the technical seo issues.

And start fixing it one by one. Focus more on website structure, URL canonicalization, sitemap, website speed, and mobile optimization issues, and fix these on a priority basis. As much stronger your technical seo will be the higher the chances of ranking your website in Google will be. 

5. Buy relevant High Authority expired domain –

Try to find the expired domain in the same category as your main website has. If your website is in the health niche ensure that the expired domain should be in the health niche. 

But first, make sure to cross-check their backlinks profile and verify that the links are from authentic and high authority sites. And as well try to analyze the expired domain for any algorithmic penalty

Keep in mind that this tactic is too risky if accidentally you buy any random domain and redirected it to your main site. It wouldn’t add much value to your money site.

Therefore be extra careful with the expired domain and only do it if you know the process and if you want to do it make sure the expired domain should be relevant, authentic, and high-quality links. 


Use DA only as a metric, not as a ranking factor. Keep in mind that Google doesn’t take domain authority into account. So work on the DA but only so that you can compete with your competitions. I have seen many times ranking low domain authority sites in SERP above than high domain authority sites. 

Thus take DA as a domain score and take this as a competitive metric and not as a ranking factor. Work on producing quality and evergreen content that people want to link. This way it will help you to generate natural and automatic backlinks to your website. 

Also, work on building backlinks from high authority sites by doing guest posting or outreaching.

Don’t waste your time on quick wins as you know SEO is a long term process and it takes time to see the results. While increasing the DA of the website make sure to build the backlinks from various sites and for every internal page of the site

Don’t build the links only for your main domain. If you just build the links for your main domain example- then it will increase your website PA and little affect your DA.

Let me know in the comments how you start your link building campaign when you have to increase the DA. Did you find any difficulties while increasing the DA? Or do you think DA is just a metric and we shouldn’t focus much on it?

I would like to know your thoughts in comments.


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