14 [Tested] Best Free SEO Tools [100% Working]

Best Free SEO Tools

SEO is incomplete without seo tools. You can’t do everything manually.

There is a lot of research and tasks that need to perform in search engine optimization on every single day.

To speed up the work process and manage the time for other tasks these tools play a vital role in the day to day SEO tasks.

If you are looking for free SEO tools, to accomplish more tasks in less time then this post is for you only.

I will share with you the 13 Best Free SEO Tools which help you to get the work done quickly and timely.

So stick with me here.

Let’s get started.

13 Best Free SEO Tools

There are a lot of competitions in between the tools to get the first spot on my free seo tools list.


I only want to add those tools on my free seo tool list that are FREE Accurate & Helpful for the marketers

1. SEOlium

Free Tracking of 5000 keywords in Google.

Want to know the accurate rank position/competitors/Estimated Visits & Market Share of your competitions for your money keywords?

SEOlium is the first tool that packed with all the above-mentioned features.

How to use it? 

Head over to the tool enter your email click on try now for Free.

SEOlium Professional Google Rank Tracker

An email with the password will be sent to your registered email.

Open the tool add your site as a Project.

Fill all the details, add the keywords, select the location and done.

SEOlium Google Keyword Rank Tracking Tool

Wait for few minutes and your report will be generated.

Top Feature – Market Share

This report gives you quick insights into how the market is shared between major players.

Seolium Market Share Analysis

Market share will let you know how competitive the overall industry and your competitors.

You must understand market share so you know how you will rank against your competitors to reach more potential customers.

2. Cocolyze – Free SEO Keyword Tool

Get thousands of keyword suggestions in one click.

This tool gives you thousands of keywords ideas list in seconds.

And the best part of this tool is that it divides the keywords in a different section.

Cocolyze Keywords Research Tool

This keywords research tool provides you the best opportunities keywords/long tails keywords/even question to generate the content ideas for Free.

How to use it?

Enter your main keyword in the tool and click of Get Suggestion. This free keyword tool will generate a list of a thousand keywords in seconds.   

Top Features – (Free Keywords Metrics – Keywords Difficulty, CPC, Competitions & Trends)

You can use this tool to find keywords for your seo but as well for your PPC campaign. And even export all the keywords ideas into CSV format for FREE.

And the best thing about this tool is that like other paid tools you will get difficulty score, CPC, competition, and trend of a search for the keywords over one year for Free.

3. Screaming Frog

Identify the website technical seo issues in seconds.

Find the technical seo audit issues in seconds. From finding the duplicate or missing Meta tags, canonical errors, sitemap, and redirects issue and export them in a file.

You can get all these your site technical data and insights into your SEO audits for free.

How to use it?

You need to install the desktop app and can crawl 500 url for Free.

Enter the URL and click on start. Wait for a few minutes.   

And it generates a report of potential issues (like HTTP header errors, broken link,404 not found, and crawl errors).

Top Features –  Review Robots & Directives.

How do you feel if you suddenly got to know your website is deindexed from search engines.

I know the feeling. 

But you don’t need to worry.

Head over to screaming frog enter your website URL and wait for a minute.

screaming frog

If your website is blocked mistakenly by robots.txt meta robots or X-Robots tags directives you will find in the screaming instantly.

4. Woorank

Get a List of SEO improvements For On-Page and Off-page.

This woorank extension shows you the overall seo score of your website.

And as well it will show you test your site has been passed, and errors & improvements to improve your onsite seo.

Top Features – With each and every error, it will show you the ways to fix the issues.

Woorank Seo Plugin

5. Yoast WordPress Plugin

Optimize your site for SEO without coding skills.

If you have a site on WordPress you must have installed this SEO plugin.


First of all, it’s a Free seo tool with advanced seo features.

How to use it?

Install the yoast plugin and start optimizing your webpages.

Top Features – Bulk Meta Tags  Updation.

With Yoast SEO plugin, you can edit every page meta title and description all at once.

You don’t need to open each and every page just head over to Yoast SEO > Tools > Bulk Editor.

Now add the new and description one by one and all the pages will update automatically.

Yoast SEO Plugin

6. Google Search Console 

Track your site technical search performance.

One of the best free seo tools by Google to track the mobile usability, search queries & technical seo issues of your website.

Top Features – Index Coverage & Manual Penalty Issues.

Index coverage report section provides you an indexing status of all URLs that Google has visited, or tried to visit, in your property in search console.

You can open each report and fix the issue one by one to get your site pages indexed properly.

If your website is manually reviewed by google and they found that your site is not following google guidelines you will receive a manual action penalty in this manual action reports section.

7. Redirection

To Manage 301 redirections.

This seo redirection tool is one of the best seo tools to easily manage the 301 redirections and keep track of 404 errors

You just need to add the source url & original url that you want to redirect.

And it will automatically redirect to that original page.

Top Features – Automatically Redirection to the new URL when you make changes in the URL. 

As you make changes in the URL permalinks the old url automatically redirected to the new one.

Redirection is important after making changes in the URL.

Because if someone lands on your website through that URL it will give the 404 error and chances are you can lose the visitors.

But you don’t need to worry.

As you don’t need to redirect the old url manually this plugin will do all the hard work for you.

Redirection Plugin

 8. UTM Tag Generator

Create and collect Custom Campaigns data in Google Analytics with custom URLs.

If you are running multiple versions of campaigns through email marketing, video ads, content marketing.

Thus to keep track & compare the results with each other marketing campaigns.

And to identify which marketing channels are most effective you need to use UTM tags to generate custom URLs.

How to use it? 

In the campaign URL builder enter your landing page URL, add Campaign Source,

Campaign URL Builder

Best Features – No custom coding skills required.

Whenever a user clicks on your custom URL, the parameter you have added through UTM tags in the URL sent to analytics and you can see the data in campaign reports.

To see the custom campaign data to open the analytics, head over to Acquisition > Campaigns and you will see & track the results here.

9. Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

Optimize your webpage meta title & description according to the Google SERP.

This tool helps you create Meta Title & Description tags according to google recommended character length.

As google counts each character in pixels. Instead of counting character, this tool uses the pixels width of each character so you can optimize your meta accordingly.

Top Feature – Count character in Pixels.

Snippet Optimization Generator

This feature lets you know exactly the current pixel length limit and alert you of any important issues.

10. Anchor Text Over Ratio Checker

Analyze the over-optimization of your money keywords.

Your brand terms can be highly optimized it is good things google gives more value and weight to your brand.

But if your money keywords are over-optimized sometime your site could be penalized algorithmically for that specific anchor text.

Thus to avoid this situation it is advisable to check your site for over-optimization for your money keywords.

How to use it?

Just type the url and hit enter. And it will show you used anchor percentage.

Anchor Text Over Optimization Checker

Top Feature – Highlight the specific over-optimized anchor text.

If you found some of your specific keywords or keyword phrases are over-optimized you should optimize or modify the anchor text.

Or you should remove the backlinks related to that specific anchor text.

11. FAQ Schema Generator

Generate FAQ Page Schema Instantly.

This tool helps you to generate faq page structured data to show the rich results in google search results for your content.

How to use it?

Head over to this tool, now in the FAQ tools, enter the question and answer one by one.

Now in the right side box, a structured data markup code will be applied automatically to all of your questions and answers.

Just copy and add the generated FAQ page schema code on the webpage content, on which page you want to show the rich results in google.

Top Feature – No Coding experience required.

You don’t need any coding experience to use this tool. Copy and paste the questions and answers and it will generate structured data markup in a few simple clicks.

FAQ Page Schema Generator

12. Answer the Public

Discover hidden keywords & identify content ideas in seconds.

Best free seo tools to find the long-tail keywords and questions that peoples ask on blogs & forums.

Find long tails keywords and the questions in that peoples actually looking for.

How to use it?

Enter the seed keyword in the Tool and click on the search. More than 100+ keywords ideas will be in front of you.

Top Feature- Find Prepositions & Question-Based Keywords.

This tool combines keywords with terms like “how”, “who” and “what” for questions and “for”, “can” and “near” for prepositions.

And this is the specialty of this tool, which misses in other keywords tools.

Answer The Public

13. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Analyze your site for Mobile Errors.

As google has made changes in its algorithm by rolling out mobile-first indexing. It means Google mostly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking.

Thus it must be a good idea to make your website friendly.

If your website is not mobile-friendly chances are fewer visitors land on your site.

And this Non-Mobile Friendliness of your site affects your website ranking & traffic.

But don’t worry.

How to use it?

Just run your site through a mobile-friendly test tool.

And it notifies you that in front of google eyes your site is mobile friendly of or not.

Top Feature – Page loading info

Google Mobile Friendly Test

This feature will show you which resources aren’t loaded and the status of the resources.

14. Semrush

All in one SEO tool.

One of the best all in one seo tools. This tool is a paid tool but in the Free version, still, it gives you tons of information.

How to use it?

In the Free version add your site as a Project. It will audit your website you can track on page seo issues, track organic traffics, and even keep track of keywords rankings as well.

Best Feature – On-Page SEO Checker

Add the URL and Keywords for that landing page. 

Wait for a few seconds and it will generate a detailed report.

Semrush On Page SEO Checker

It gives you optimization ideas, SERP Analysis for Your Target Keywords & provides you ideas, on how to optimize your webpage to beat the competitions. 


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  2. This post was needed! I have used Screaming frog it is best in free tools. Some tools are new for me and soon I will use them. Thank you for sharing a list of seo free tools. Keep sharing.


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