Top 50 Advanced and Alternative Search Engines

Alternate Search Engines

Everyone heads over to search engines whenever anyone wants any information or wants to shop online. And most people stay with popular search engines like google, yahoo, and bing.

Most people even have not heard about these search engines (Duckduckgo, Dogpile, Swisscows). With more than 90% market share Google is one of the top search engines in the market.

And bing, yahoo, Baidu, duckduckgo come after that.

That’s why every business wants to rank on google’s top results while focusing on search engine optimization efforts because google can send you more organic traffic than any other search engine.

But there are still many such search engines that take care of your privacy and provide accurate results.

Thus by submitting your website to these search engines you can take the benefits of generating more traffic to your site as well.

But most people are not aware of these search engines. 

Don’t worry.

In today’s post, I will share the list of the top 50 search engines and how they work and which search engines respect your privacy, and what type of search results you will get on these search engines.

Let’s get started


AOL Search Engine

AOL is one of the search engines widely used by people in the world with a 0.06% market share. On the AOL homepage, you will see top curated news around the world.

But top news from every industry and you can search for videos, but even you can play online games. As AOL is powered by bing, thus the quality of the search results is better here.


DuckDuckGo Search Engine

If you want privacy while searching for information on search engines, Duckduckgo is the best search engine for you. As they say, we never store or collect their user personal information and never store their user search history. Thus if you don’t want to be tracked by search engine bots, you can use Duckduckgo to protect your privacy.


Bing Search Engine

If you are looking for a google alternative bing is the search engine you need. Bing has around 24% market share in the U.S. google. If you want results in your local language, you can also get it, as bing is also a multilingual search engine.


Ask_com_Search Engine

The search results are accurate and trustworthy. The user interface is excellent, and it also provides related searches on the right side and bottom of the page.

If you want to search for videos, you can get multiple video filters like you can sort the videos in quality, length, and relevancy.


Google search engine

One of the top search engines in the world with 90% market share worldwide. To get accurate search results and search whatever you want, this is the search engine you can’t ignore.


Baidu Search Engine

Baidu is mainly a prime search engine in China. Baidu is the same as Google; it only displays the results in the Chinese language. Baidu is one of the top search engines in China because it is heavily censored, and many pr democracy websites are blocked from its query results.


Yahoo_Searrch Engine

Yahoo is one of the old search engines; it was one of the first popular search engines. Yahoo provides results in 38 international languages, and Bing search engines power yahoo results. On Yahoo, you can search across numerous vertical properties such as Videos, Images, News, Finance, answers, mail, and messenger.


Dogpile Search Engine

Dogpile is also a good search engine to find relevant and accurate search results. You can even find images and videos on this search engine. Dogpile fetches the search results from other most popular search engines (Google, yahoo, bing, etc.) to show you the best results.


Ecosia_Search Engine

Ecosia is a Germany based search engine. They considered their business a social business and protected their user privacy, but as well for every search made by the user, they plant a tree. They combine the results from Yahoo, Bing, and Wikipedia. 


Exalead Search Engine

Exalead search engine uses its own Exalead’s robot to collect and index the data from a website. Dassault Systèmes acquired Exalead in 2010. It shows both web and Wikipedia pages in the search results with the thumbnail of the website. If you’re a Wikipedia lover, you can use this search engine to find results, especially from Wikipedia pages.


Excite Search Engine

Excite is also one of the old web portals. You can use this excite search engine for games, finance, travel, and get the latest news. Also, excite had an education portal that people used for different degrees and courses.  



Gigablast is an open-source web search engine and directory. Gigablast claims that they have indexed billions of web pages, and they have their searchable index. And the best thing about this search engine is that you can use specialized searches and search operators to narrow down the searches.


HotBot Search Engine

Hotbot is a VPN provider, but they have a search engine as well. A search engine that doesn’t track your online activities. If you want privacy while searching, you can use a Hotbot search engine. Results are also accurate and real-time as search results are powered by bing.


Lycos Search Engine

Lycos is a search engine and web portal that provides search results in multilingual. Lycos also provides web hosting, a free blogging tool, weather forecasting, and mail services, etc. 


Metacrawler Search Engine

Metacrawler is a search engine developed in 1994 at the University of Washington. Metacrawler doesn’t crawl the website themselves; they send the queries to several search engines and then combine the results and show them on one page.



As you type, it starts showing the preview of the sites in the search results. As you select or click, it will redirect you to that results page. And the results are updated every hour. 


Yippy Search Engine

One of the best search engines that provide and cluster the results dynamically into categories. Even you can search for images, news, and video, and you can see 20 results on a single page.



Info is also a metasearch engine that extracts the search results from other search engines and directories and provides you the results. 



This search engine claims that they don’t track your log, track, or share your data. While searching online, If you want your personal information, don’t be stored or shared by search engines, you can use it. The best thing is that you can search for images, news, and videos, but even you can search for region-wise like google.


iZito Search Engine

If you want a variety of search results in a single query, for example – for one query, you can get webpages, news, videos, & results from Wikipedia. For your single search, you get a variety of search results in one click.

Web crawler


Web crawler is one of the oldest search engines, and it also works in the same way as the metacrawler search engine works. It collects the data from other search engines and shows the results as it doesn’t crawl and index the web pages. 



Mojeek works the same way as other search engines as Duckduckgo and Startpage work. A search that doesn’t track users and respects their user privacy. Mojeek has its search index and doesn’t use other search engine indexes, and it provides search results in English, french and german languages.



It is a Europe-based search engine that provides and respects user privacy and never tries to chase your footprints on the web. Quant search engines neither record your searches nor use your data for advertising purposes. It gives you access to search webpages, news videos and maps, and music as well.


searx search engine

Searx is also a metasearch engine, and it provides results from other search engines and doesn’t store any user information. Searx is open-source software, and anyone can use it mainly; it shows you the search results from other search engines. 



A search engine that protects your privacy. If you want to search anonymously on the web, swisscows are the search engine you can use; it also provides you search results in multiple languages.


Yandex Search Engine

Yandex is a Russian search engine and provides multilingual search results. Yandex is a local search engine and is mostly used in Russia and provides locally relevant search and information services.  



Zapmeta is a search engine that extracts the search results from other search engines, and combining all the results then shows you the best optimum search results. 


Langreiter yahoo_vs_google

Search at one place without visiting directly to that search engine. Just type your query and click on which search engine results you want to see, and you will be redirected to that search engine. Compare both google and yahoo search results in one place.



A place where you will get all the answers to your questions. Any questions related to any field from math, science, technology to health and law are covered here. It has more than ten million user-generated questions and answers. If you have a question head over to this question, answers search engine.


MSN Search Engine

MSN is a web portal and a search engine as well. You can read curated news, top stories, weather, sport, entertainment, lifestyle, money, and more all in one place. And all the search results are powered by Microsoft’s Bing search engine.



If you are looking for factual data or need factual queries to answer, this is the search engine that can help you. Wolfram Alpha is a computational answer engine that provides the answer by doing dynamic computations and curated sites and books. It doesn’t search your answer on webpages and matches the question; instead, its algorithm does the dynamic & manual methods by cross-checking sources and expert review.



Search any person’s photos, videos from social media channels. More than 5 million searches are conducted every day, and they have around 12 billion records in their database.  



A search engine where you can find people (friends, relatives, and colleagues) easily. It uses social sites, news sources, and blog platforms to identify people online. 



A food and recipe search engine to find all the information regarding foods and recipes in one place. It has more than 26 million users, with 2 million + recipes. If you’re a food lover, you love this personalized recipe search engine. 



It helps you generate (google, yahoo, bing, Startpage, ask) search links. Just select the search engine, enter your query, and redirect you to that search engine result page. And even it helps you create short links of your search and can share on social channels as well.



A search that is specifically designed for kids. It filters the sites with deceptive content as this search engine uses a google safe search filter. And kiddle also doesn’t collect any user personal information. If you want your kids safe and handpicked search results, you can use the kiddle search engine.

Active Search Results


ASR is a search engine that uses its page ranking technology to rank the site higher on search results. ASR uses their internal indexes and databases to provide you the search results and don’t use third-party search engines. 

Similar Site Search


Find similar and alternative websites. If you want to find out about any site alternatives or competitor’s websites, you can use Similar Site Search.

Monster Crawler


Monster Crawler is a Meta Search engine that provides you the search results by combining all the results from different search engines. Even you can search for images, news, and video-related information as well.

Social Searcher

The social searcher is a search engine which you can use to find mention around various social channels. You can search in many languages, and it does show you an in-detailed analysis of your query. Good to find trending keywords popularity of the terms in social channels. 



A search engine to find people on various details such as name, age, address, and phone number. 

Search Encrypt

Search_Encrypt_Search Engine

Search encrypt is a privacy-based search engine. The best thing about this search engine is that after 30 minutes of inactivity, your search encrypt results expire. They use advanced SSL encryption to encrypt your searches locally before sending them to their servers.



A search engine that helps protect your privacy and provides you the best match results related to your query. They provide you the search results from a modified Google algorithm; thus, users can get the correct information related to their query without tracking their behavior or personal information.



A privacy-focused search engine that doesn’t store their user search history and doesn’t share their data with the advertisers. Onesearch search results are powered by bing. 



If you are a fan of wiki results, this is an excellent place for you to find results from various Wikipedia sites.



Givewater is a social search engine that distributes its profits with its charitable partner, and these charitable partners provide clean water and proper sanitation around the world.



For your every search, they donate it to clean the oceans. As their servers are powered by hydroelectricity. And as they respect their user privacy by not storing their user searches on their server. 

Internet Archive


To find old web pages, audio, video software, and images for free all in one place.  



Boardreader is a search engine that is used to identify any forum. You can use a boardreader to search Web-based bulletin boards and discussion forums. 

Now let me know in the comments do you move to other search engines when you feel privacy is more important than searching online.

Also if you have other search engines which you want to add to this list don’t forget to mention in the comments I’ll add those to this search engine list.



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